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Brickell Key II

Cooling Tower Replacement

$ 0.4 Million
Service Provided
Helicopter Lift, Mechanical
December, 2007

This project proposed a unique challenge. The Cooling Towers needed a full replacement, but the constraints of the building’s location within Brickell Key rendered the use of a Crane impossible.

The project also necessitated a complete replacement of the Cooling Tower’s support structure, in order to bring the facility into compliance with current building codes. Tropic executed a Helicopter lift over the open water. This required coordination between the landing zone and the rooftop, and involved the orchestration of numerous off duty police, security, police boats, and 30 personnel. The project was so precisely coordinated, that the entire removal and replacement process was completed in 1 hour and 18 minutes, an enterprise that would normally take 8-10 hours on a conventional crane.